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List of Required Furniture and Fittings to set up a Garments Industry


Garments quality checking table

Some equipment’s specially made to gain some particular benefits. SomeĀ  equipment’s specially designed for garments industry to smooth its operation. I am recommending you for various kind of and different size of furniture’s and fittings like workstation, inspection table, material storage rack, cutting rack, trolley, center table, cutting table, meeting table, office chair, sample display rack, sample stand, dummy etc. to set up a garments industry.

As I mentioned before, that garment is a laborious business. Usually, a garment factory has divided into several departments and sections. Each department has an individual set of works, technicians, and materials to smooth its operation. Nature and necessity of required furniture mostly depend on the floor space, operating procedure, line layout, material keeping system, material handling etc. If you already take an initiative to set up a garment industry, my first advice is to visit a ready-made garment factory physically to get sound knowledge. Otherwise, it would be difficult to make a list. Then you would able to make a list of required furniture’s to buy for different departments. But you should remember factory organogram before taking such decision.

Today, I will prepare a list of required furniture’s for your reference to set up a Garments Industry. Please note I will enclose only required functional furniture’s and will try to avoid decorative fittings for official purposes.

  1. Sample Room: Sample table and chair, sample cutting table, rack for raw materials, rack for sample, and sample inspection table.

Garments quality checking table

  1. Merchandising Department: Merchandising section is an essential part of any garments industry where always needs lucrative furniture to bring decent look. Modern workstation, file cabinet or racks require for keeping documents, wardrobe to keep samples, hanger or stand for sample display, and center table for meeting.
  1. Buyer room: Big mirror for checking sample fitting, meeting table, modern workstation or office table and office chair, sample display rack, stands.
  1. Cad and Pattern Room: Workstation for pattern makers, center table for meeting, pattern-making table, pattern keeping rack, dummy for checking sample fitting, big mirror for checking sample fitting.
  2. Cutting Department: Office table and chair, fabric spreader along with cutting table, fabric storage rack, cut panel racks, cut panel checking and bundling table, trolley for fabric loading and unloading from store room.
  1. Fabric and Trim Store: Office table and chair, file cabinet, Trolley for handling fabric rolls, fabric storage rack, and mobile stair to load and unload goods from fabric rack, fabric checking tables, and iron pallet used for storing fabric rolls. Racks made of metal bars, metal angles for durability.


  1. Sewing Section: Operator’s chair, cutting and trim storage racks, inline and end line garment inspection table, sewing line center table, center table (line table), lighting fixtures, work aids, plastic or metal bucket, wooden or metal trolley.
  1. Workers’ Canteen: Dining table, bench or plastic chair, Trolley for handling foodstuffs, plastic or metal bucket, bowl, kitchen ware etc. Trolleys are made of plastic, stainless steel, wire mesh etc.
  1. Packing section: Metal detection table, thread trimming table, garment checking and packing tables, conveyor belt for loading carton box to covered van or container, different types of trolleys for garment storing and transportation, metal racks for storing carton box.
  1. Quality room: Garment checking and inspection table, big mirror for checking sample fitting, office chair, and table.
  1. Embroidery room: Office chair and table, inspection table for checking embroidery part.super-market
  1. Printing room: Office chair and table, inspection table for checking printing part, long slot table or flat table, screen frame, racks for drying printing part, bin for keeping chemical hazards, iron stands for keeping ink.
  2. Lab room: Office chair and table, table for garments checking and inspection, cabinet for keeping documents.

On the basis of my long tenure of practical experience, I can suggest you procure official furniture’s from renowned local manufacturers for your garments industry. Even, they can deliver customized furniture as your requirement. But you have to make those furniture’s which mainly use in production floor. Thus, many companies appoint carpenter to customize wooden furniture inside of the factory. Here, I have enlisted some renowned local suppliers name for your reference. Those are Otobi, Navana, Akter, Hatil, partex etc.

Moreover, I have enclosed some furniture’s image which especially uses in production floor. If you use different types of furniture and fixtures in your factory, I am requesting you to share those pictures and items name with us through comment box.

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