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SOP of Packing Operator

After production finishing guys attach hang tag, barcode sticker, price sticker etc. properly according to buyer advice or demand and after that, they will input that garment item into a poly bag. And then prepare a carton box according to MCQ (Master carton quantity i.e. how many pieces will be packed in a carton box) for exportation.

Following instructions for a packing operator to minimize their mistakes:

1) Firstly, packing operator has to collect packing instruction of a particular style from concern merchandiser.SOP of Packing of Operator

 2) Then packing operator should collect their packing materials from sub-store, according to the worksheet by watching running style on that line.
3) After that, packing guy should take approval for a particular style from concern merchandiser and buyer QC by inserting all packing materials according to the worksheet and should hang that packet front of the packing table before start packing.
4) Then, according to packing instruction after poly bagging, they should insert particular bag in a carton box which should be matched with the packing list.
5) Finally, the packer will have to compare the package exterior sticker with poly bag sticker proportionally before closing the carton box.
Finishing section plays a vital role in merchandise garment product. If the packing section does not follow buyer packing guideline buyer may claim for every mistake.
They should have a clear concept such as packing material, size breakdown, bar-code sticker, label position etc. and should check closely all packing details that will help them to avoid claim after shipment.

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