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Preventive maintenance for investronica CAM

Investronica CAM is a supreme cutting device which can perform tremendously. It is a computerized automatic cutting tool which can expedite cutting task smoothly. You can’t imagine its performance without watching its activities. This tool is helpful to reduce manpower at cutting section without making noise in bulk production. Please find some regular tips for maintaining this excellent cutting appliance.
After every cutting:
1. After each cutting should check the vacuum label and air pressure.

2. Check plastic whether it is streak down to the cooling fan, which is not allowing the air exhaust from inside the vacuum unit.

investronica machine3. During collect the fabric cut panel; please don’t leave wastage fabric without collecting because sometimes it is steak down in the roller of collecting belt.

4. Whenever operator gets free time, keep clean sharpening stone and press foot by air pressure.

Each eight hours:

1. Clean the head (all guides, carriage, free foot and cylinders).
2. Clean the upper guide and lower guide and check bearing of rolls then oil it.
3. Clean and oil all axis guides.
4. Clean rod shaft of knife assembly point then oils it.
5. Check the belt of collecting table.
6. Check and clean the filter of vacuum unit. If you found a tear or broken filter, please change it otherwise unexpected dust will make trouble for the vacuum unit.
Every knife changing:
1. Clean knife holder and grease the swivel.
2. If sharpening stone streaky with dust, clean by thinner.
During knife changing:
1. During blade changing time, please make sure that the complete knife has assembled vertically.
2. Grease the swivel.
3. After inserting the knife in assembling point, please check its movement that should be free in a holder or between guides.
4. Check the sharpening both sides of the blade is correctly set or not. If not set properly, pleas repeat the step 1 to 4 again. Then correct the angle of knife.
5. Make sure all guide of knife assembly clean.
6. Make a parallel test for ensuring the accurate cutting as the same measurement.
Each two weeks:
1. Clean and grease the tooth wheels of X, Y, Z axis (White Grease).
2. Check and verify the bearing of the all axis.
Each Month:
1. Check the press foot, conveyor belt and swivel which are into the head.
2. Clean the Bristol block.
3. Check and verify inside the vacuum unit (belt and bearing). If required grease to bearing.
Each Year:
1. Please do an annual overhauling.
2. Please do dent and painting.
3. Replace broken or damaged parts to get optimum output.

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