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An Overview of Quilting Technique!

longarm quilting machineIntroduction: The word quilt is supposed to derive from Latin culcita, meaning a padded and fixed mattress but it came into the English language from the French word quite. Quilting is a conventional sewing technique for clothing and furnishings which is used in many places of the world for several millenniums. Quilting is a classy needlework process where two or more layers of fabric affixed together in a decorative pattern to make a thicker useful padded substance. A fabric structure consisting of a layer of cotton, goose down, fiberfill, feather, padding or any cheap item undercover between two layers of material and held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular pattern across the body of the composite. It is a process of stitch bonding a batting or composite. Quilting is often merged with patchwork, embroidery, applique and other forms of needlework. Classic quilting can be done by three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material.

Techniques: The primary intention of quilting is to increase the density of a particular substance which eventually add extra warm to the consumer’s body. Moreover, it will enhance the value to the design and get fascinated look. Men who engage with quilting usually called quilter. Quilting is a complicated process what can be done by general sewing machine or by a particular long-arm quilting machine or by manual hand stitch.
The quilter’s hand or sewing machine goes by the needle and thread from beginning to end of all layers and then takes the needle back up. The practice is frequently repeated across the entire area where quilting is required. A straight, running or rocking stitch is usually used and these stitches can be simply useful, fascinated, decorative and also complicated.
Uses: A technique to cover a garment with a binding substance named padding. It is essential sewing techniques from the ancient age. This sort of apparel which is quilted is used to provide warmness to the human body. These warm types of wearers are popular in cold countries like Canada, Russia, the USA and much more. The temperatures of these countries are very low almost less than zero degrees. So, people are compelled to wear quilted jackets due to surviving in bone shivering cold. There are many sorts of quilting biz diamond, diagonal, vertical, horizontal quilting etc. It gives aesthetic looks to the wearer. Industrial sewing technology has become more precise and dynamic. Quilting has given a new flavor to it. Exotic fabrics and embroidery started to penetrate in home furnishing in the early 21st century.
Three methods are used in general in quilting process like Back-stitch, double running stitch and running stitch. These methods are used in automatic quilting. Back-stitch quilting is the oldest technique introduced in the 1st century in Siberian Rug. It is phenomenally faster and accurate.  In addition, its operation is easy with raw cotton wadding. Eventually, it flourishes dainty running stitch. Double running stitch was penetrated in the In-do-Portuguese. The running stitch was used in the Siberian rug.
Materials: Commonly, we use a few types of padding. They are Excel loft, Primaloft, thin-solute and air loft. Padding primary substance is raw cotton or polyester. Consequently, it provides warmness and soothing feeling to the body. Besides this, some other material like cotton, jute, down, fiberfill, feather may use to make the wearer comfortable.
Quilting thread: While we wish to do quilting, we have to think about quilting thread. Quilting is an individual decorative task which needs the finest quality of thread so that it will not tear during back and forth of the stitching function. For hand quilting, plain cotton thread is always best. But for machine quilting cotton or polyester whatever we use should procure superior quality of thread. It would be better if we notice thread manufacturer that the collected thread will be used for quilting task only. Then they will do special treatment to improve the thread quality so that it will tolerate needles shaking.
Types and equipment: We could mention numerous sorts of quilting. Here we are going to illustrate hand quilting and machine quilting.

Hand quilting: This is a simple type of needle and thread to sew a running stitch by hand. It is done entire required area. It binds the layers together. A plastic or wooden made dice is used to control the wearer edge while hand quilting is executing. We can put artistic and aesthetic design, pattern in hand quilting what is not possible in machine quilting. The design is symmetrical to “Nakshi Katha” as well. Hand quilting is used only for small quantity biz, sample or small amount of bulk order. Though hand quilting is artistic and fascinated, it requires much time and passion.

Machine Quilting: Machine quilting is mainly accomplished in two ways. One is long-arm quilting machine, and other is manual sewing machine. The layers are supposed to be tacked before quilting if we intend to do it via general sewing machine. Long-arm quilting machine is a fantastic device that makes the complicated task easier. This tool mainly introduces to do the quilting task perfectly. It’s a tremendous device to execute quilting. Special frame exists in Long-arm quilting machine which has bars. Bar rolls the layers to keep it coexists without the necessity of tacking and pinning.

Computerized Auto needle is set in long-arm quilting machine which finishes the quilting task via continuous punching following the design of diskette. Long-arm quilting machine accomplishes many complicated designs within a short time. There is no alternative to long-arm quilting machine in bulk production. But the device is expensive. Only traditional vendors can afford it. Vendors, who have long vision, should invest in long arm quilting machine to get long term benefits rather than purchased luxuries car or other decorative equipment.

Conclusion: Though the apple of quilting always existed in consumers but quilting has become so desirable and alluring after the industrial revolution. Previously it was accomplished by hands, but now it is done by auto machine. Long arm quilting machine has made the task easier to meet the enormous demand of consumers. Eventually, we could consider it “phenomenonof the sewing process.

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