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Groundwork for stepping into Bulk Production

After successful accomplishment of Proto/SMS/PP/Size set samples; here come to the right time to execute bulk production. We can say it is the right time to show up your performance and entire business depends on your integrity, attention, hard working and strong follow up as well. Basically, we should have enough preparation or homework before step in production line for a particular style: –
1. Review SMS comments
2. Review bulk tech sheet, and if found any unclear point, please ask to update soon.
3. Review reference samples as well PP sample
4. Arrange a meeting with pattern maker for correction in pattern

adidas 5. Have to review marker with approved sample to ensure all parts are exists

6. Production plan set up and justification of achievement
7. Prepare material list
8. Place order to supplier and confirm order (through PO sheet), and it’s on   time arrival
9. Approval of PP sample
10. Prepare and review size set

11. Prepare mock-up for correction
12. Arrange bulk production meeting
13. Strong follows up on Production input/output
14. Arrange all shipping documents from supplier
15. Send pre- shipment advice to related concern
16. Follow up on time packing
17. Find an easy way to do ex-factory of finished goods.

Furthermore, below mentioned points that I have explained overall; may help you to get an idea.

Tech-Sheet review: – Since you got PP / Size set approval but for further safety you should check bulk tech-sheet well. If possible, sit with concerned parties and make clear all sensitive issues that might rectify before issuing into the production line.
It is also mention-able that if arise any confusion during size/PP sample development that must be inclined apparently.

Please prepare Tech-sheet where have to compile all update comments, BOM sheet, measurement chart, clear sketch, mock-up confirmation details, order break down, packing and shipping details etc. before step into bulk production.
Material list review: – Please pick approved sample, measure and check one by one material with material list to erase hassle.
If you do not wish to face any further more tassels before production, a marked material situation will reduce your work. We can say, materials must have in your individual track not depending on other parties (though material concern department).
Besides this do not ignore any single material issues and make close co-operation chain with import/C & F/Courier/material unit is to be cleared.
Size set/line PP: – Before starting bulk, we should ensure buyer about all measurement correct on size set/line pp especially on fitting issues. It would be great if you can use all fabric/accessories actual for PP /Size set. This procedure will help you to avoid conflict and various difficulties during line production and smooth your performance.
According to your PP sample, you may get comment, which must be amended in garment to intend the production well.

Plan VS target: – Organized merchandisers follow-up may increase target delivery as it has been observed but if we throw this responsibility to planner or factory concern, but this is also one of the merchandiser’s responsibility to check plan detail regularly and compare with the delivery schedule. If face, any unexpected trouble, of course, need to relay information to factory manager or senior management to get rid of shipment delay.Keep alert yourself always about above issues and continue pushing to bring positive result considering priority.

N.B: your prompt action or recommendation required for any important issue; if you think styles delivery will be delayed due to production hamper by unexpected incident/bottleneck /deadlock situation then immediately inform senior management to get their prudent guideline, definitely you should apologize to buyer causes of delay, informing your difficulties logically.

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