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Quality that requires being a successful garments employee

As all of we know RMG is a sector where many people gather to achieve a particular goal. To become a successful member of this squad one should enrich some qualities. I have gathered those from my long tenure of service life, and those values narrated below.

Action plan: – you may be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don’t try. So-

success path1. To be practical and make an accurate vision
2. Start your day with something constructive
3. Change vision, look for the positive and feel interest
4. Learn to like the things that need to be done.
5. Make a practice of doing it now
6. Build up an approach of gratefulness
7. Stay far from the negative influence
8. Generate a continuous education program for yourself.
9. Build positive self-esteem.
Action Step: – Write your action steps down in diary or index and reads them every day. For the next 15 min. hear the following questions:

1. What to do??
2. How to do??
3. When to do??
Then at the end of the day list the things that you have done and studied for few minutes.

Desire: – Whenever human mind can imagine and believe, man must be run to accomplish the target. The inspiration to do well comes from the very strong desire to achieve a particular goal. A flaming passion is the initial point of all achievements. As we know a tiny fire cannot produce much heat and small expectation cannot create a significant result. So, everyone should be thirsty and passionate to achieve an excellent result.

Commitment: – Honesty and perception are the two inherent qualities on which you can build the castle of success and keep commitment. Delay of holding dedication and misunderstanding may not focus your credit at the time of decision.
Responsibility: – Taking risk; accepting responsibilities and being liable which are sometimes painful. Most of the public would slightly slay in their calm zone and live unperceptive lives without tolerating everyday jobs.
From the very beginning, you have to bring out ourselves if you start as a garments worker. Responsible people don’t believe that the earth is under obligations them a living.

Hard work: – Just a person cannot learn how to spell by sitting on a dictionary or one cannot build up an ability to do something with no hard work, just as a person cannot learn how to spell by sitting on a dictionary. Successful people ask how much work, not how little work. They ask how many hours not a few. The best musician practices for every day often for hours. Some obstacles to success: – in your daily route you may face various difficulties but you should have confident over them. In our view the obstacles that always used to meet listed as follows:

1. Fear of failure
2. Ego
3. No future plan
4. Lack of formalized goals
5. Life changes
6. Family accountability
8. Lack of focus and vision
9. Doing too much by yourself
10. Lack of framing & lack of promise
11. Lack of preparation & priorities.

Try to give more than you desire: – Hard working people are in demand everywhere regardless of age, academic qualification but most people do not want to do what they get paid for and the second category of people want only to do what they can get by with. They fulfill their quotas just to keep a job. Only a small fraction is willing to do a little more than what they get paid for.Try to be one of them not in first category but in second.

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