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How to Calculate Sewing Line Capacity of an Apparel Industry?

Sewing line production capacity is an important factor in the ready-made garments sector. Garments production mainly depends upon sewing operator’s daily performance. Thus it is a very significant issue to train sewing operators to scale up their performance. We can easily calculate daily production capacity of any factory by calculating sewing line capacity. Today we will try to show you the estimate process of sewing line’s capacity in the apparel industry.

Method to calculate sewing line capacity in the apparel industry:

IE department needs the following information to calculate the sewing lines capacity of a garment factory:

  1. Daily working hours
  2. Line efficiency of the factory
  3. No. of sewing machines in the line
  4. Standard allowed minutes (SAM) for the produced item
  5. Workers absenteeism rate of that line

Now, IE department can easily find out the sewing line’s capacity of any garments factory by using the following formula.

Sewing line’s capacity (In pcs),



XYZ Fashion Ltd. has 15 production lines and they produce backpack items. One of them is a production line is produces kid’s bag-360 with 35 machines. And their daily working hour is 10hrs. Line’s efficiency is 55% and worker absence percentage is 5%. Standard allowed minutes (SAM) is 28

Now we will try to find out this sewing lines capacity by using the above data.



No. of sewing machines in that line= 35

Daily working hours of that line = 10

Workers absence percentage of that line= 5%

Standard allowed minutes (SAM) is 28

Line efficiency of that factory= 55%


Sewing line capacity (In pcs),

= 398.35


So, XYZ Fashion Ltd. one of the particular sewing lines kid’s bag-360 per day production capacities is 398pcs.

By following above formula you can find out the efficiency of a production line in minutes or hours. We can also guess monthly capacity = Daily Capacity X No. of working days in a month.

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