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Extra care needed while Printing, Embroidery, Washing if exists in garments

These individual sections are acting like sub-stations. They work independently, but you should keep strong follow up to their work. You have to have a practical constant about print/embroidery & washing plant. Factory merchandiser must pay his concentration about mentioned stations and should keep all swatches for further reference. You cannot run your production well without these as Q.A / production people will ask you for those swatches in time and out of time.

Though you may found different color/size of print & embroidery, you should have each type of approval from concern person before insert into the production line. Whenever any wearer exists these functions, please do the following process from the development stage:

Print: – Almost style has printed in different part of garments. Though it looks simple, we always maintain a long hard procedure indeed. Below mentioned steps should be followed to go ahead with print section:
1. Make a clear status of print. (If possible with sketch)
2. Relay T-sheet/material list through mail & hard copy.
3. Let them understand the detail. (Proto>SMS>Bulk)

4. Ask them to provide consumption chart of Ink. Of course, they should mention related material such catalyst, gum, rubber, mesh etc.
5. Provide them develop skin (BD/Buyer) and remind them to keep those in sequence for further.
6. Let them provide each color (If graded) size swatch of print to get buyer approval.
7. You should have sufficient clothes at hand for reference.
8. Provide real fabric for their testing purpose.
9. Keep approval reference sample at merchandiser as well in printing section,10. Confirm assigning Q.A to check all your print related issues.
11. Check & make out plan whether your printing section has sufficient space to meet your requirement and order quantity.
Embroidery: – Embroidery is an ornamental part of any garments, and
almost style has embroidery in different part of garments. Below mentioned step should be followed to ahead with embroidery section:
1. Make status accordingly, as t-sheet/material list mentioned.
2. Save the diskette in a separate folder to avoid any missing.

3. Relay the diskette to concern embroidery department.
4. Get the swatch for approval.
5. Confirm the color diagram/applique etc.
6. Get thread consumption accurately.
7. Interlining and other material should arrange before the production.
8. Cross check with production/Q.A for quality issue
9. Check their production capacity and if required sub-contact let us be prepared asap.

Washing plant: – If necessary any washing, let us be clear about all details accordingly. Furthermore, should cross check with buyer whether the quality would be. Then maintain the following procedures:
1. Ask buyer/buyer representative to send standard swatches as well as washing recipe.
2. Send fabric to washing plant for their testing and experiment purpose.
3. Trial with actual fabric to get similar effect with standard
4. Negotiate washing charge list with buyer
5. Book space and confirm the quantity.
6. Keep checking with production and Q.A for better output.
7. Compare bulk production with standard that has been provided by buyer.

Garment test report: – Most of the European and American buyer required each color/style different garment test report before shipment whether there find any color bleeding, peels off, penetration, bubbling etc. or not.
Thus, you have to maintain the following procedures:
1. Send each color/style two pieces of garments to their nominated laboratory whenever start production.
2. Follow the care label instruction chart.
3. Collect report and checked by you whether there found any defect
4. Preserve the report for your reference as well send to the buyer (or buyer Q.A) if required.
5. Procedure must be done once get first output from the line.

As you know “Laboratory test report” is required for all buyers, so it would be better to do those tests by internal Laboratory before and then send to buyer nominated trusted Laboratory. Please arrange this report and keep the record for further reference. We should take extra care from sample development to production stage if above functions required in any wearers. Eventually, please consider this functional cost while preparing cost sheet.

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