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SOP of Embroidery Department

Embroidery is very innovative, critical and sensitive task. Any wrong attempt brings much panic and can destroy your overall performance.
However, some simple steps can make your work smooth and flawless.
SOP of Embroidery
Following steps should be pursued before start embroidery task.
 1. Follow color swatch before starting your task.
2. Be sure style number and style name if available.
3. Check embroidery design and approved swatch simultaneously.
4. Check embroidery thread with approved swatch card.
5. Check embroidery pattern with fabric nature.
6. Check pattern size with approved embroidery swatch.
7. Be sure pattern top and bottom.
SOP Embroidery8. First batch of embroidery pieces needs to show quality guy. In the same way whenever starts any new color should show it to the quality guy to be secure.
9. Everyday shows first batch output to quality to be sure whether the style is running long before.
10. Knock team leader if face any technical problem when operating embroidery machine.
11. Clean embroidery machine surrounding area daily.
12. An Operator has to wear ID card and earplug properly.
13. An Operator has to keep discipline for smooth output.
14. Keep every tool in a particular area so that it can be found whenever it necessary.
15. Handover running work and all tools to another guy while shifting the operation.

N.B: Operator has to be awarded so that any broken needle do not found on or under of the embroidery machine. Each day before start working, please clean embroidery machine and check power switch then gear up.

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