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Major Steps of a Merchandiser in Garment Industry

Today I will shortly brief most major steps of a merchandiser in garment industry so that you can guess gist job responsibilities of a merchandiser in a Garment Industry at a glance.

 A) After PO Receive

  1. Order receive from buyer with PO Details, tech pack or physical sample
  2. Ask questions to make clear order details, tech pack or physical sample
  3. Forward to planning to make plan
  4. Communicate with buyer to fix ex-factory date after cross check with the suppliers lead time
  5. Create order instruction file and make our number

B) Development Stage

  1. Work with pattern to get actual consumption
  2. Prepare BOM sheet
  3. Develop and procure new items to get approval
  4. Check cost sheet to measure profit & loss
  5. Take Initiative to provide all required sample
  6. Sit with pattern maker to implement buyer instructions regarding sample development.

C) Procurement Stage

  1. MPR making to procure Fabric & Accessories
  2. Check available Stock with MCD
  3. Issue PRS to supply chain to make procurement
  4. Make tracking file to ensure local & foreign purchase material in- house in right time
  5. Suppliers payment follow up if require

D) Production Stage

  1. Work with MCD quality to check received materials
  2. Swatch Board and trim Card making to obtain approval
  3. Arrange PP sample to get approval
  4. Do sample test through nominated Lab if require
  5. Arrange PP meeting with approved sample and swatch card to insert into production line
  6. Production line follow up to keep quality standard
  7. Keep conscious to make replacement of shortage materials
  8. Collect daily production report
  9. Sub-contract factory monitoring to in-house finish goods on time.

E) Finishing Stage

1) Provide shipping mark and folding method to make finishing

2) Follow up finishing items placement carefully

3) Check packing report to know quality passed goods

4) Provide packing guideline according to buyer advice

F) Inspection Stage

1) Collect data of total pass quantity from packing

2) Ensure pre-final and Final Inspection date with concerning buyer’s  representative

3) Work with quality team to get FRI report from buyer assign quality

G) Shipment Stage

1) Make monthly shipping plan

2) Give booking and make communication with commercial team to prepare shipping document & packing list

3) Inform Commercial department to make ex-factory

4) Work with commercial team to send shipment related documents to Buyer

5) Make IR in system for collect payment & PO clearance

H) Other Work

1) Keep order execution record properly to show management

2) Keep related issue external & internal communication by mail properly

3) Close the file and keep it in secure place

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