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Importance of Time & Action Plan (TNA) in Apparel Industry

Improtance of TNA chart in apparel industry

There is a proverb that “time and tide never wait for none.” Time is the most crucial element in any production unit. Time is considered as money in the garment industry. Time and action calendar or critical path is a sum of plan schedules to execute a bulk order in garments industry.

Necessity of TNA in Apparel Industry:

  1. It helps to make a fruitful production plan for an apparel production unit.
  2. It is essential for on-time shipment of an export order
  3. It improves production efficiency to keep time schedule.
  4. It helps proper execution process of export orders.
  5. It is useful to know the advance status of order processing at a different level in the apparel industry.
  6. It helps a smart merchandiser to carry out the critical task correctly of an industry.
  7. It enhances the factory inventory management.
  8. It gives a clear plan for the Export order.
  9. It is an essential tool for a smooth shipment order.
  10. It provides an idea about the position of the running order.
  11. It helps to optimize the factory inventory.
  12. It enhances productivity as a result, also improve company profits.
  13. It is a perfect tool for a merchandiser to chase forecasting plan easily

Time and Action Plan (TNA):

All of we know that buyer always mentioned a particular delivery date while issue an order sheet. To chase that delivery date smoothly a merchandiser should make Critical path or TNA chart. This method helps to make sure an order delivery within lead time. Time and Action Plan is a most common tool for merchandiser to execute a bulk order in garment industry. It is well known in garment industry as critical path or TNA chart. A merchandiser can easily know and evaluate the present situation of a bulk order by maintaining a TNA chart.

A merchandiser has to do lots of work such as order analysis, costing, fabric and accessories booking, sampling, finishing etc. To execute these bunches of works, need a forecast plan. Actually, Time and action (TNA) or critical path is a sum of plan schedules. This Plan scheduled is expressed with a sheet format which is well known as time and action calendar. This chart will aware merchandiser to do preventive action if any problem arise. Then merchandiser can consult with their superior to overcome that odd situation.

Sample of Critical Path or TNA:

TNA or Critical path sheet has two main Columns to express reality. Need one column for action or activities, and another column are for duration or plane dates. Garment merchandiser has to follow the TNA chart frequently because it helps them to track daily, weekly tasks correctly. Let us discuss a time and action plan or critical path calendar to realize how it works in time. Please find the following TNA chart with the to-do list to make you understand this topic clearly.

Time and Action Calendar
StageAction / ActivitiesPlanned date / Duration / DaysReduction of Time
1Confirmation of Order1-Oct-119
2Received PO2-Oct-118
3Release Fabric PO7-Oct-113
4Release Accessories PO7-Oct-113
5Bulk fabric Quality approval7-Oct-113
6Lap dip app.10-Oct-110
7Measurement app.15-Oct-105
8Level app.20-Oct-100
9Booking of fabric20-Oct-100
10Bulk fabric (FML)25-Nov-65
11FabricĀ  in house5-Dec-55
12Bulk fabric approval (for shade)6-Dec-54
13Send accessories for test10-Dec-50
14Accessories in house12-Dec-48
15PP meeting with Production people15-Dec-45
18Gold seal sample for app.5-Jan-25
19Lab test sample send10-Jan-20
20Lab test result send15-Jan-15
21Pre-shipment inspection25-Jan-3
22Goods ex-factory28-Jan-0

If arise any leakage or gap in the TNA chart, merchandiser has to face significant travel, and factory has to pay massive damage to such incident. All attempts will become in vain in that situation. After above discussion, we can realize that TNA chart is playing an essential role in the apparel industry. Garment merchandiser should prepare TNA chart smartly to erase unwanted hassles. If a merchandiser should maintain TNA chart correctly, then it will be very easy to chase the goods ex-factory on time. Company’s reputation will enhance the buyer by continuing the TNA chart to make on-time shipment continuously.

Here I have attached a file to know how to get product costing. You are requested to click my google drive link to get a fantastic guideline regarding product costing. Please hit the link to download your desired file.

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