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New Monthly wage break-down for Garments workers

Currently, safety, security, rights and justified wages of workers are a matter of priority in Bangladesh RMG sectors. Recently many workers died by building collapse or fire occurrence. As a result, foreign buyers continually pressure the government to improve safety and production environment for garments worker. After a series of protests in 2010, the national minimum wage in Bangladesh was increased from 1662 taka to 3000 taka up by 80%.

Despite this increase, the minimum monthly wage of garment factory worker is lower than the minimum monthly cost of living in Bangladesh, calculated by the National Garments Workers Federation, which is approximately 5000 taka. These wages are much lower than those in China, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, and Thailand. After a series of protests in 2010, the national minimum wage in Bangladesh was increased from 1662 taka to 3000 taka up by 80%.

bangladeshi workerBangladesh needs to take an initiative to ensure all the rights of workers regarding working environment, labor safety, and workers motivation. Rights of trade union and to monitor other inconsistency of this sector, the government have inaugurated a strong supervising committee. Moreover, to improve the living standard of workers, factory infrastructure
and fire security the government and the owners of garments manufacturers are working together. The workers have been struggling to increase their monthly wages break-down for many days. The government and the owners of
garments have declared the new pay scale considering the living expenditure of labors/workers. Seems worker will pay
more attention and all the anxiety will
be removed soon from this sector.
This new pay scale will be effective from the 1st December of 2013. We have enclosed new monthly wages break-down for garments worker below for your reference.
New Monthly wage break-down for Garments workers
New Basic
Proposed Total Wage
Existing Total Wage
Pattern master, chief quality controller, chief cutting master/cutting chief and chief mechanic
Tk 8,500
Tk 13,000
Tk 9,300
Mechanic/Electrician, Cutting Master
Tk 7,000
Tk 10,900
Tk 7,200
Sample machinist, Mechanic senior sewing,weaving, knitting and linking machine operator, senior cutter, senior quality inspector, senior marker/drawing man, senior line leader, senior over-lock machine operator, senior button machine operator and senior button hole
machine operator
Tk 4,075
Tk 6,805
Tk 4,218
Sewing machine operator, weaving machine operator, Knitting machine operator, Linking machine operator, marker/drawing man, cutter, mending operator, processing man/finishing iron man, folder (finishing section), packer, quality inspector, over-lock machine operator, button machine operator, buttonhole machine operator,
poly-man, packing man lineman etc.
Tk 3,800
Tk 6,420
Tk 3,861
Junior sewing, weaving, Knitting, Linking machine operator, Junior marker/drawing man, junior cutter, junior mending operator, junior processing man/finishing iron man, folder (finishing section), junior
electrician, junior packer, junior over-lock machine operator, junior button machine operator, junior buttonhole machine operator
Tk 3,530
Tk 6,042
Tk 3,553
General sewing, weaving, knitting, Linking machine operator, general machine operator, general fusing machine operator, general color tuning machine operator, general over-lock machine operator, general
button machine operator, and general buttonhole machine operator.
Tk 3,270
Tk 5,678
Tk 3,320
Assistant sewing, weaving, knitting and Linking machine operator, assistant mending operator, assistant marker/drawing man, pocket
creasing machine assistant/creasing man, line iron man, assistant dry
washing man, over-lock machine assistant, button machine assistant,
buttonhole machine assistant, and finishing assistant.
Tk 3,000
Tk 5,300
Tk 3,000

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