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Merchandiser carelessness can lead to terrible disasters

This post is mainly for beginners who just started merchandising careers and those who are at the trainee or assistant level.

In factories, small-level bookings are usually done by the assistant merchandiser. There is a high risk to make mistakes as they are new. So if you are careful about some things, you can avoid major disasters during the production stage.


As we know garment production is a chain process. Nothing is less important in the garment sector. Just as important as a fabric is the satin tape of a hangtag loop. Because for perfect production is not possible if all the items are not properly in-house before production. Or due to any booking problem, during the production, it takes a lot of trouble. So be careful about the following things.

  1. All bookings are usually copied from the previous format. The potential for problems at this point is high. Sometimes the previous format order quantity remains and bookings are placed accordingly. So after booking, at least one check should be done if everything is fine.
  2. When booking 2 pockets with zippers are sure to check if 2 are folded. The case may be that the buyer’s requirement is YKK zippers. Their production lead time is 20 days. If you notice a problem with the booking after 20 days, it will not be of much use except airing the goods.
  3. While booking the swing thread, how many long meter con threads require must be mentioned and checked well. The calculation may be for 2000 meters but will be 4000 meters.
  4. Must be careful while booking cartoons. As it is finishing items, it may happen at the end stage found that the cartoon shipping mark is not correct. You may be able to solve it at the last moment but if you are a little careful this situation does not arise.
  5. Please be careful regarding pairing items like buttons, eyelets, Zip pullers etc.
  6. Please be careful regarding yards and meters during fabric and accessories booking.
  7. Please keep communication with the supplier to keep the delivery date otherwise booking items may in-house delay.
  8. Please forward the shipping document to the commercial team otherwise booking items may in-house delay.

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