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Packaging and Finishing details

Finishing section is another essential part of any apparel industry. Usually, finishing guy will attach hang tag, bar-code sticker, price sticker etc. properly with the apparel items according to buyer advice or demand. And after that, they will input that garment item into a poly-bag. And then according to MCQ (Master carton quantity i.e., how many pieces would be packed in a carton box) for exportation.

Packing Flow Chart

Finishing section plays a vital role to merchandise garments product. If packing section does not follow buyer packing guideline, buyer may claim for every
mistake. Mixing up buyer manual instruction is common at packing section. Finishing guy should check all packing details with the merchandiser to clear their concept to avoid wrong packaging before insert into production line such as packing material details, size breakdown, barcode sticker position, label position etc.
And should check carefully every step that will help them to avoid claim after shipment.
**Moreover, check loading as well count carton onto vessel/container and accordingly should report to Management/Buyer. Generally finishing section has to make packing list as well. A packing list is much essential to make a commercial invoice and export documentation.


There is mainly two packing way. Please find the details below:

1. Solid packing 

2. Assort packing.

Details of those above are as follows –

1. Solid packing 

a) Solid color solid size: One particular color & particular size in a carton box.

b) Solid color assorts size: One specific color & different sizes in a carton box.

2. Assort or mixed packing

a) Assort color solid size: Different color & same size in a carton box.

b) Assort color assort size: Different color & different size in a carton box.

I have tried to present some packing list for your reference, but I’m unable to upload these packing list in excel format due to some unavoidable circumstance. Thus, I am requesting you to download those packing list formats from my Dropbox link.

Here is my Dropbox link:

If anyone failed to get the “packing list format” from my Dropbox link, then please inform me for your required file. I will show my level best effort to provide your desired file as soon as possible through mail.

Anyway, the format is not always kept fixed. It could be flexible or variable depends on practical situations. Nowadays, some company has integrated soft line packaging set up, including woven and printed fabric labels, all kinds of elastics, offset printed items, and heat transfer labels. Moreover, they can produce all types of poly including zip lock, blister bag etc and also can produce more than half a million-floor ready hangers a day.

Your valuable comments and necessary advice will encourage me to write more meaningful post regarding garment sector.

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