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Popular Cutting Device Using in Apparel Industry

Straight knife cloth cutting machine built-in automatic abrasive belt sharpener is the most popular cutting appliance for cutting all kinds of fabric or other substances.It is an ideal cutting tool for the garment industry. Most of the apparel manufacturers like to use this tool because it is very straightforward and easy to use. Straight KnifeCutting Machine life cycle is longer than other cutting devices. Hence, this cutting device is reliable for garments manufacturer. By this process, first fabric layer lay down on a conventional cutting table by men or spreader and upon that fabric; computerized marker paper needs to be set and then start cutting by the cutter. The straight knife cutting device plays a vital role in cutting room because it is the world’s most admired, multipurpose, adaptable, transportable, chapter, easy to maintain than any other cutting device.
Even, sometimes a straight knife is preferable to separate the lay while a band knife is used to accomplish main cutting.
User benefits Feature:
1. it’s a pretty evergreen device for cutting fabric and other substances such as cotton, linen, woolens, silk, chemical fiber or leather etc.
2. Easy to maintain and having other features like concentrated lubrication, neat cutting section, and small curvature radius wavy cutting etc.
3. Capable of providing heavy duty, low sound, constant running, easy to handle and high effectiveness.
4. Low power consumption, suitable to handle and exist electric abrasive belt sharpener.
5. It is an appropriate device for cutting curved lines in high lays because the blade can strike all the plies simultaneously at the same time.
Configuration of Straight Knife Cutting Appliance:
Usually, two sorts of power are required to control a straight knife machine. Motor power generates a significant force to the reciprocating blade, and worker power drives the knife towards the fabric layer.
Straight blades cutting machine exists several parts. Lets diagnosis their functions;
1. Motor: It contains a powerful electric motor which assures a smooth cutting operation with excellent cutting experience, but it consumes less power and produces low temperature.
2. Lubrication system: It has an oil reservoir that can deliver machine oil automatically to smooth the metals and head.
3. Sharp Knife: It has a durable and manageable sharp still blade that can be replaced quickly after getting disorder.
4. Sharpening system: There is an abrasive belt sharpening device which can be sharpened automatically to maintain the most suitable edge of the blade. Just press down the sharpening lever to sharp the blade.
5. Stand: Thinner and flat type of stand make the resistance of the cutting material lower and bigger blade stroke cutting smoothly.
6. Base plate: Base plate is low, plain, thin, and suitable for scrolling so that the surface is smooth to make the material move on it before insert and after cutting.
7. Safety device: Fan guard and starting cover are equipped for the safety.
8. Suitable size and dual speed: Different types of machine are available like 5”, 7”, 8”, 10”, 13” and 110V, 220V, 380, 50HZ, 60HZ or 1 phase, 3 phases in the market to smooth your operation.
9. Handle: It exists two handles. One is to accomplish the cutting task, and another one is to pick the whole machine from one place to another place.
10. Feed Dog: Firms the fabrics with proper pressure and additionally working as a safety device.
11. Control switch: It exists a power switch near the operational handle to control it quickly.
Straight Knife is a tremendous device that has been designated to accomplish cutting task perfectly. Thus, the experienced cutting operator needs to get the best output from it. As we know straight knife cutting machine exists a sharp blade, so operator should wear steel hand gloves to protect from any unfortunate incident.

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