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Fabric Cutting devices using in apparel industry- 2nd part

I think you may read my previous article that was written on this topic. Today I will describe some other cutting devices using in apparel industry on the basis of priority, time, usages, and demand.

8)Laser Cutting:

laser cutting machineThis appliance generates a concentrated ray of coherent light or electromagnetic radiation in one direction, which light amplification by the computer-generated emission of radiation. It will produce high temperature during cutting to fuse fabric edges by melting. It is a modern technology for cutting task. Usually, when need the finest cutting, and someone desires no edge of cutting fabric that time garment’s manufacturer use Laser cutting. Mainly which garment exist customized CWS features that time laser cutting is essential for particular portions. This process may reduce wastage of fabric but remember laser cutting is very expensive and only big garment manufacturers are capable of using this device. It is useful to cut smaller parts and suitable for cutting sharp corners but not appropriate for large part cutting. This appliance is totally safe and user-friendly for operators but should be careful from abuse of ultraviolet ray.
9)Auto ARM Cutting:
Auto arm cutting machine mainly used for different functions. Those apparels which having puffiness items like padding, fusing, interlining, non-woven or something that time need auto arm cutting. By this process first puffiness item lay down onto a conventional cutting table equipped with air vacuum system by men or spreader and upon that computerized marker paper need to be set, later cover it with thin polyethylene. After that air sucking machine needs to start to quit the air and reduce puffiness for easy cutting, then start cutting.
auto cam cutting machine
It is a perfect cutting tool for the garment industry. This cutting tool is also useful for general cutting functions. Auto arm cutting machine exists a Semi-automated straight knife cutting device which has increased its efficiency, but the operator should wear steel hand gloves to protect from any rough incident during cutting.
Merits of Auto arm Cutting Machine:
1. Long life, easy to maintain and easy to control
2. Semi-automated appliance which has increased efficiency
3. Low noise, stable running and user-friendly
4. Easy operation and high productivity
5. Auto knife grinding and the blade can be replaceable if needed.
drilling machine10) Drilling and Marking Machines:
Basically, this tool mainly used to make a hole whenever needs to insert eyelet or other accessories in a particular position of the garment for functional purposes. Such as for the position of button-hole, darts, pockets or similar features; a hole is often drilled from beginning to end of all the plies of fabric in the lay. It can insert into the several layers of fabric for clear indication of buttonholes, eyelets, darts and pockets for sewing applications.

These devices are available in both hot and cold configurations with a variety of drills and awls. Moreover, it is enriched with numerous options.end cutter machine

11) End Cutter:
It is another supplementary tool for cutting section. It mainly used to cut the edge of the fabric ply to expedite fabric spreading affixed with cutting table. It can be fixed to any type of cutting table by compressing bracket, cutting of extensive stuff with large table options (up to 144″ wide / 3.66m wide), with an extended handle option or a push/pull handle option for enormously extended cuts needing more than one operator. It exists automatic knife grinding system, easy to operate, and low power consumption etc. End cutters are available in manually-operated or automatic configurations.

12) Round Knives:
A dual speed option gives it the flexibility of this appliance and a circular blade rotating so that the leading edge cuts downwards into the fabric. Round knife machine is an excellent device for cutting large radius curves and straight lines in the apparel industry. It is available with different blade sizes, customized designs and the blade can be replaceable if needed to maximize cutting efficiency and increase productivity simultaneously. Applications –Especially fabric partscutting, trimming, slicing, scoring etc. Materials – Round knivesusually made by carbon steel, grooved and PTFE coated blades to maximize cutting speed.
round cutter machine
User benefits Features:
1. Heavy-duty, lightweight, high-speed roundknives are appropriate for cutting materials such as cotton canvas, woolens, linen, silk, denim, coated fabrics, chemical fiber, and leather etc.
2. Having features concentrated lubrication, easy to maintain, portable and stable running.
3. Low sound, constant running, easy to handle and high effectiveness.
4. Automatic knife grinding, low power consumption and easy to operate etc.
It is a substitute device against straight knives in the apparel industry. Though roundknives perform well but this device is not popular comparing with straight knives. The operator should wear steel hand gloves to protect their hands from any rough incident during cutting because it contains a sharp knife.

Rotary blade:
The rotary blade useful to cut intricate markers, one of a kind patterns, samples, reworks, plastic, and rubber sheet. It consists of a handle with a circular blade that rotates tremendously, thus, the tool got such name. Rotary cutter blades are very sharp, can be re-sharpened and are available in different sizes. At the same time more than a few layers of fabric can be cut by a sharp rotary blade.
rotary blade machine
Applications –Small partscutting, trimming, slicing, scoring etc. Materials – Rotary blade usually made by high carbon, stainless steel with a circular blade that rotates and the blade can be replaceable if needed. Rotary blade mainly used in sample room to cut sample fabric, it is not suitable for bulkfabric cutting.
14) Water Jet cutting machine:
This is another method of computer controlled fabric cutting. In this method a tiny water jet (0.0010-0.0015″) generates incredible pressure (70,000 lbs per square inch) is forced and guided through the fabric. Under such conditions the water Jet cuts through the fabric as these moves through the cutting line; the method does not wet the fabric or exert unacceptable pressure. This system can cut multiple plies and does not fuse plies. The method still has limited applications like In cutting leather, vinyl fabrics, etc.
(1) It can cut hard material like leather, Vinyl fabrics, denim, coated fabrics, chemical fiber etc.
(2) It can cut any shape;
(3) It does not need frequent knife grinding.
(1) Not suitable for multiply high & depth lay;
(2) Generates water spots;
(3) May wet cut edges;
(4) Water needs to be filtered and iron removed;
(5) Sound of water jets need to be controlled.
15) Plasma Torch cutting machine:
It is another method comparable to laser jet cutting machine suitable for single ply cutting. The system was developed by Investronica and designed a special matching system that can automatically match and cut printed striped and check fabrics. The system incorporates a camera that reads the fabric on the conveyor and a digital image processor determines the best way of matching fabric. In this system argon gas is forced through a tiny nozzle and the gas burns in a minute flame, which cuts fabric. The system can cut single or more ply but it is suitable for single ply cutting.

I have tried to gather all of the useful cutting substances in this article. If you become satisfied by reading this post; you can show your regards by spreading it in social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, stumble it in stumble-upon by hitting like button. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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