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SOP of laser cut machine using in garments industry

Laser cutting machine usually generates a concentrated ray of coherent light or electromagnetic radiation in one direction that light amplification by a computer-generated emission of radiation. High temperature produced during cutting can fuse fabric edges by melting. Laser machines only are operated by trained safety certified member and the following advice have to obey during operation.laser cut machine

1. Everyday operator should clean machine before start any task.2. Have to check laser machines air pressure.

3. When starting a machine, fill water in the water tank and examine the work condition of circulation pump after set temperature 22c – 23c.

4. Please open your computer and then open laser software, wait for minimum ten minutes to give cut command to start any task.warning
5. Due to safety reason, please use a mask as well as goggles to keep your eye safe; don’t put your hand in the gap on the table.
6. To reduce accident and execute assign task properly, please give full attention before giving any cut command.
7. Once found any trouble in laser machine please shut down the machine and call a mechanic to repair.8. Switch off the machine during lunch break and departure time end of the day.

9. Once, face any trouble in laser machine first turn off the appliance to erase a significant loss.

10. Don’t operate without guards in place, Lock out electrical power before servicing. Severe personal injury or death could result.

11. Forbidden to cut ePTFE fabric (Gore-Tex etc.), use sonic jig cutter or knife.

12. Class 4 laser products: Be aware of laser radiation, please protect your eyes or skin from any direct or scatter ray or invisible laser radiation.

13. When switching on the power, please close the cover to erase any unexpected incident from being burnt by the laser.

14. Before starting any cutting task, have to review fabric nature, pattern, consumption, and original sample etc. to be safe.

15. Crevice may cause physical damage, don’t put your hand in the gap on the table.

16. Don’t alert reflectors at will; it may cause an accident.

17. When laser machine is in working condition, it’s forbidden to leave the machine alone and be cautious to the fire.

18. Routine wise monthly check the whole laser machine by the maintenance department.

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