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Job Responsibilities of Merchandising Department in Apparel Industry!

Garment Merchandising is a globally lucrative and fascinated profession to the young generation. But we should remember that it is little complicated, challenging and point oriented job. If someone does the task perfectly it is well and good, but if someone has short of practical knowledge, lack of skill and careless attitude, the result cannot be imaginable. Merchandisers have to pay much attention in their job tenure to enrich their knowledge and expertise in the latest fashion and styles around the world and make sure their stores are the first to display lucrative trendy clothing and accessories items.

Merchandiser’s generally perform a very hard liability in a tight schedule if we observe their job routine carefully. They have to coordinate with all the concerned departments of suppliers, manufacturing factory, logistics and the buyer in order to satisfy consumers by delivering specified goods of specified quality on designated date. The merchandising section also looks for the sources for procuring yarns to produce fabric. They have to keep an eye on the production status regularly and ensure timely delivery of the shipment to meet the consumers demand.
They have no scope to show any negligence in their profession. Merchandiser’s has to work as a team. They consolidate endeavor to make the raw materials of finished goods which are displayed on the outlets in various shopping malls to draw the consumer’s attention.
An intelligent forecast to spot the upcoming fashion trend is so inevitable to be successful in this arena but it is mention-able that practical experience is required to be more potential. In addition, good analytic abilities, organization behavior, and imaginative minds are desired traits. Effective communication skills with executives, designers, and retail consumers are utmost quality to survive in this field.
But currently the job of merchandisers has of late become very tricky and complicated due to a number of reasons:
1. Frequent fashion changes.
2. High competition with complex channels of distribution and sales.
3. Growing complexity of line and product development.
4. Increasing emphasis on quick response relationship between buyer > vendor > consumers etc.
Hence, merchandisers should be more alert in their profession to execute their assign job perfectly. Let’s find some narrative discussion regarding job responsibilities of the merchandising department.
merchandiser job responsibilities01
merchandiser job responsibilities02 merchandiser job responsibilities03

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