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Who is a Merchandiser?

Theoretically, a merchandiser is a person who plans, develops and presents a product to a target group. In reality, he/she is a person designated to coordinate between the customer and manufacturer to ensure product quality and specified shipment time. Additionally, we can say, a merchandiser is an individual who sources customer, negotiates with them, secures an order, sources materials, and follow up production up to shipment. In addition, they make regular contact with the buyer during the whole period from receiving order up to delivery of the consignment. They should have sound mind and body to predict consumer’s motive and personality for product diversification.

The work of merchandising may be the following:

1. Enrich knowledge of fashion and culture by making relation with the fashion designer.
2. Enrich knowledge to chase potential target consumers.
3. Enrich knowledge about the customer and his profile (customer goodwill).
4. Enrich knowledge about the product, its categories, styles, specifications, assortment, size details etc.
5. Gather information and chasing foreign buyers

6. Negotiating orders, cost calculation, pricing, securing orders through master LC.7. Sourcing fabrics, trims and accessories from the right place and make sure about lower price and product quality.

8. Placing orders for the above materials and making regular follow-up.
9. Getting samples made, making costing and pricing of the same.
10. Rectifying and improving samples if necessary.
11. Complete the whole sampling procedure as per customer requirements and comments.
12. Getting buyer’s approval of the sample.

13. Estimating lead time and prepare time and action plan.14. Production and shipment planning.

15. Keep an eye on raw material arrival, production cycle and organizing inspections.
16. Monitoring production and ensure product quality.
17. Making regular liaison with the customer and keeping him update on order and production status.
18. Follow-up client instruction in respect of packing and packaging.
19. Arranging product delivery on time.
 20. Follow up with the customer in respect of shipment and informing him shipment details.
21. He will coordinate with shipping and export department.
22. Arranging payment against export order.
23. Quick response and follow up in respect of buyers query.

24. If any claim issue arises against shipping goods, merchandiser should handle that critical situation brilliantly.

Merchandisers must coordinate and follow up with each and every department and monitor all the process in product creation. It is the job of the merchandisers to update information with the customer about all aspect and status of the order. Customers must be informed on day to day basis about the progress of the concerned order, and all queries must be responding on an emergency basis. Merchandisers can’t and must not keep the customer waiting for a long time. She/he should explain the real situation and work according to client’s advice.

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