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Renowned Lab test service provider for RMG industry


Lab test service providers for RMG industry.

Garments are made for human being. People are always fascinated for fashionable wearer. It’s a common trend for human being that they like to decorate themselves by trendy apparels. Moreover, it will present their personality and taste. It is worn by the people to protect from bad weather like heat, cold, rain, sunshine etc. Beside this, it will help to cover human body to keep shame. So it is a sensitive element considering quality issues. Quality has too much impact on garment analysis. Nowadays buyers are more conscious about quality issues and do not compromise with any quality fault. Each buyer of apparel industry has a particular quality guideline. Hence, they never fell shy to spend huge money to build up a smart quality assurance team to expedite their brand’s image. So, a merchandiser should have keen knowledge on buyer’s major quality factors properly such as fabric strength, seam strength, measurement tolerance, garment defects, fabric defects, packing guideline, lab test requirements etc. which directly affected on garments quality.

To keep supreme quality and consumer’s loyalty, buyers usually urge garment manufacturers to do several kinds of garment test from their nominated lab before goods dispatching. It’s a mandatory task if you wish to work with foreign buyers or desire to export garments from local manufacturers. Buyer will never take the responsibility upon their shoulder if any hazard occurs from harmful chemicals or contaminated items. For this reason, many renowned lab test service provider’s have established to assure products quality. They invented several types of equipment and techniques to improve quality factors. You can rely on their long tenure expertise and goodwill while urge to do lab test. Lab test procedure is a clumsy task and not easy to perform without specialized farm.


Lab test service provider’s for RMG industry.

These laboratories have appointed a number of technicians and researchers to invent new equipment and method to secure product quality.

Today I will try to share some renowned lab test providers name with you. Please be noted that all concerns around the world believe following lab test service provider’s certificates because they engaged in such task for a long time and performing well.

1) BUREAU VERITAS: Bureau Veritas S.A. is a global company in testing, inspection and certification services to help clients to meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility issues. It was established at Antwerp (Belgium) in June 1828 to hold a simple mission. But now it becomes a giant company considering their business volume in lab testing arena. They have eight global business with leadership positions, 1,400 offices, and laboratories in 140 countries, 66,000 employees, and 400,000 clients. Yearly revenue of 2015 is around €4.6 billion. They can provide several services to their valued clients like Auditing, Certification, Classification, Consulting, Inspection, Outsourcing, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Testing & Analysis, and Training.

2) Modern Testing Services (MTS): MTS is one of the fast growing company in the testing and inspection industry with bunch of modern laboratories and thousands of skilled staffs around the world. Mr. Park is the founder of MTS and formed it in May 2006 in Hong Kong with less than 100 employees. Today, MTS is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lot of proud memories. Business growth of MTS is praiseworthy and incredible considering other old prominent competitors. MTS is always committed to deliver superior service and value to their consumers. They have gathered a balance between advanced digital equipment and skilled technicians to bring out the most excellent products for their esteemed customers. Their bunch of services usually go through several extreme quality checks, research and lab tests to produce a premium pool of products for clients at home and abroad. Thus, you can rely on their dynamic service for auditing, quality assurance & control, product testing & analysis.

3) SGS: SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and Certification Company. It is another trusted quality assurance service provider who has a bunch of experts to provide specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. Initially, it was formed as a grain inspection company in Europe region on 12 December 1878. Now it has about 85,000 employees, operates a network of more than 1,800 offices and laboratories around the world.

Their bunch of services can be divided into three categories:

A) Industries: Agriculture & Food, Chemical, Construction, Consumer Goods & Retail, Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Logistics, Mining, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Transportation.

B) Themes:  Arts & Culture, Carbon Capture & Storage, Environment, Health & Safety, Risk Management, Sustainability, Trade, Training Services

C) Featured Solutions: Sports Solutions, Transition to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015, Travel & Hospitality, Beyond Recruitment Provision, Used Oil Analysis, Meeting Regulatory Criteria, SGS Academy, Russian Certification & Permitting.

4) INTER TECK (ITS): Intertek is a trusted name in the modern testing arena. It was formed in 1880 and started its journey for innovation to ensure product safety, quality, and accountability. The story of Intertek began from the combined growth of a number of innovative companies. At present Intertek provides quality assurance and safety solutions to a wide range of industries around the world through 40,000 employees in 1,000 laboratories and offices in 100 countries.

Their core services can be divided into seven categories:

Chemicals: Argo-chemicals & Pesticides, Basic & Industrial Chemicals, Dyes & Detergents, Lubricants & Greases, Nano-material’s, Petrochemicals, Polymers & Plastics, Specialty Chemicals.

Construction & Engineering: Building Products, Hazardous Locations, Industrial, Life Safety & Security, Manufacturing.

Energy & Commodities: Agriculture, Bio-fuels, Coal & Solid Fuels, Minerals, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Power Equipment, Power Generation, Power Transmission & Distribution, Solar, Wind, Wave & Tidal.

Food & Healthcare: Beauty & Personal Care, Food, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Toxic Reduction.

Government & Trade: Customs Services, Import & Export, Public Sector.

Products & Retail: Accessories, Appliances, Batteries, Footwear, Furniture, Housewares & Home Decor, HVACR, Internet of Things & Software, IT & Telecom, Lighting, Machinery & Tools, Medical Devices, Packaging, Retail, Sporting Goods, Textiles & Apparel, Toys & Children’s Products, Wireless.

Transportation: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Marine, Rail.

5) TÜV SÜD: It is one of the world’s leading technical service organizations. It was formed in 1866 at Munich, Germany. TÜV SÜD’s qualified and experienced pool of experts always provides you better service with maximum efficiency, safety, security, quality, and compliance.

Their bunch of services can be divided into five portions:

Auditing & System Certification


Knowledge services

Testing & Product Certification


6) TÜV Rheinland: TÜV Rheinland is a reliable largest independent testing service provider to ensure product safety, quality, cost-effectiveness and Social accountability. It works for the quality and safety of new technologies through new inventions. It was formed in 1872 and known as Dampfkessel-Überwachungs-Vereine (DÜV). In late 1936, DÜV becomes TÜV i.e. Technische Überwachungsvereine (Technical Inspections Organizations). They have a true vision to enhance their coverage by implementing new services.

7) TUV NORD: TÜV NORD is known as TUV India Private Limited which was established in 1989 A.D. It has about 14,000 employees across 70 countries globally; the TÜV NORD GROUP is one of the world’s largest Inspections, Certification & Testing organizations. German RWTÜV and TÜV NORD is merged in 2004 and transformed as new TÜV NORD GROUP. It can provide several services to improve management Systems, Quality, Environment, Safety, Food, Training, Information Technology, and Social accountability etc.

8) UL: UL LLC is an American worldwide safety consulting and certification company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions. William Henry Merrill formed it at North-brook, Illinois, the United States in 1894. At present, it has about 12000 employees across 104 countries around the world.

9) CPL: CPL is a trusted choice for the development, manufacturing, packaging, and testing of liquids and semi-solids. It is also committed to continuous improvement in its services specific to accessibility.

Lab test is fruitful for both parties. Exporters become to know the quality and quantity by inspecting and verifying goods before dispatching. On the other hand, importers will get a sound idea regarding product quality and quantity through lab test procedure then allow shipment. Please be noted that these renowned lab test service providers are not only engaged in RMG sector but also connected in other business areas. They will assure product quality, measure health risk, environment protection, safety and make sure social responsibility. Thus, they secure our life and property from countless hazards.

10) Precision Testing: About past fifty years it is considered as a trusted and reported company to handle client testing issues and problems smartly in a timely and accurate manner. It has a brilliant team of technical professionals related to different fields of specialization. These technical staffs have adequate training in their respective field to ensure accurate results.

11) TÜV AUSTRIA: It is an international company with operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. TÜV AUSTRIA employs more than 1,700 staff members and generates around €200m in annual revenue. Safety, security, and quality are the main aspect to accomplish any task. Whether you require any sort of industrial engineering, monitoring, inspection, certification, IT security, insurance services or training TÜV Austria is a trusted name in all over the world.

Continuous training program has organized for our technical members to keep them self-updated regarding new tests and methods in the industry. We have state of the art Lab facilities to serve many of the textile and footwear industry’s most respected companies worldwide. We are specialized in the testing of textiles, apparel; footwear and leather goods for military and commercial clients for the past fifty years. We are committed to providing excellent quality of service at competitive prices to our clients. Beside this, we respect the confidentiality and integrity of test results. Thus our clients speak for us.

12) Labtex: It is the first 3rd party local Textile Testing Laboratory in Bangladesh. Labtex is a milestone in the testing service arena of Bangladesh.  It was launched in September 2005 to provide quick and reliable support to the apparel and textile industry of Bangladesh. They also provide technical support to improve goods quality and organize training programs to make awareness among employees regarding quality issues.

We have highly experienced lab staffs to consistently meet this goal through their experience, attention to detail and impeccable customer service. LabTEX has an excellent correlation with other renowned testing labs such as BVCPS, ITS, SGS to justify the testing accuracy.

13) ATS Laboratory: It is one of the leading independent laboratories in South Africa which is committed to providing Quality testing services with international standards for military, textile industry, automobile, aircraft, and uniform.

ATS Lab is an ISO 17025 and in compliance with ISO 9001 accredited facility which has been designed to ensure high standards are met consistently in testing and calibration to extend added value to their customers in all around the world.

14) Hohenstein: It’s a renowned lab testing service provide in the world. Bunch of scientist and technicians are working in Hohenstein Academy to deliver you accurate testing result. Their head office is situated in Germany. From the fit to sustainability to optimum functionality – we use our expertise to serve you. Our research generates innovations and expertise which we are happy to share with you. Whether it is the Hohenstein Quality Lab you can build trust with our Quality certifications.

15) BMTL: Bangladesh Material Testing Laboratory Limited (BMTL) is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited material testing laboratory, a first time venture in Bangladesh. We are specialized in testing construction materials used in large infrastructure projects.

BMTL is one of the leading independent laboratories in Bangladesh which is committed to provide testing facility with international standards in the sector of Civil Engineering especially to Geotechnical, Geo-synthetics, Structures and related Materials. Ensuring quality of construction material is crucial for the functionality, safety and durability of the structure. BMTL continue to uphold Integrity, Privacy and to achieve Quality Assurance of highest level.

BMTL ensures test results traceable to ISO reference parameters. It offers Independent, Efficient and Cost Effective testing services.

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