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How to minimize extra manpower from garment industry

Who doesn’t wish to maximum profit from his running business? Whether it is trading or productive organization profit is the optimum target for someone? It is remarkable that some nonprofit organization does not follow this trend. Usually, they worked for mankind and got enough donation from somewhere to run their activities. But profit and loss move simultaneously of a business organization. If we can’t reduce loss factors then how can we desire highest profit margin? Hence, management should find out major loss factors to reduce extra cost. In the present context, extra manpower means extra cost to a company. Each company has to pay their employee end of the month whether they have enough work or not. So, it is an extreme solution for a company to utilize their existing manpower and minimize extra manpower wherever possible. Now we will focus some key points to increase profit margin by reducing cost.

1. Improve workers skill by training
Training is one of the important weapons to improve employee’s skill. Skilled employee is an asset to any company. Whenever you wish to get maximum profit, then you should think first to increase workers skill. Low skilled workers may reduce your productivity that will increase overhead cost. So, you should emphasize on the up-gradation of individual workers performance to get maximum output.
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 2. Recruit employee according to the work-load
It is essential to measure how many workers like helpers, operators and QC’s require for running your project smoothly. Work study department may help you to measure each work by research and process study that will assist you to appoint necessary workers for a particular task. Thus, you can guess actual manpower requirement to minimize extra workers.
3. Emphasize on multitasking workers
An operator who is able to do several tasks efficiently is known to us, all-rounder. Some operators got expertise through working and enable to do multitask simultaneously. So, you should recruit multitasking operators or insist on workers training program so that they become expert rapidly. Multitasking operators can assist other operators to improve their skill. Though multitasking workers demand little bit more, so their performance is inevitable to reduce costing.
4. Set up automatic or semi-automatic tools instead of manual machine
Though initially, you have to invest much but it is one of the unique methods to reduce cost. So, you should change old manual machine and install new automatic or semi-automatic equipment’s to get more output. But you can’t give notice to current workers for cost saving. So, rearrange workstation to use extra manpower in other functions or increase production facility for proper use of existing manpower.
5. Reduce extra worker from cutting room:
I have a bad experience while I visit some factory. There I saw some helpers gather both sides of the cutting table for dragging fabric plies or smooth fabric edges on the lay. It’s not good practice. Only two or three helpers should assign for such task. Automatic or semi-automatic fabric spreading machine are very useful for fabric spreading, and it is also a cost-effective device if you desire huge production. If you really wish to reduce extra worker, please rearrange cutting room layout by installing modern auto-cutting equipment. Remember you have to invest extra amount initially for installation of such devices but those will serve you long time.
6. Reduce extra worker from stitching line:
Handling stitching parts: Set up a small basket or trolley along with the sewing machine for disposing of stitched garment. So that operator can keep stitched panel while doing work. The same operator can do if require bundling, uncut thread trimming, and push it to next operator.  Thus, you can reduce helpers from sewing line.
Rearrange sewing line: Review your current sewing line, remove the obstacles and rearrange line layout to reduce operators and helpers.
UBT machine: An auto thread trimmer (UBT machine) is useful for lock stitch thread trimming functions.
7. Reduce extra worker from cad and pattern:
You can reduce manpower from cad and pattern section by implementing computerized modern machinery. Modern equipment like computerized pattern making system, marker, and plotter will give an accurate performance that can help you to reduce manpower from this section and expedite all necessary tasks smoothly. Thus, you can reduce some helpers from finishing section.
8. Reduce extra manpower from quality:
Usually, quality team checks finish goods to separate good and worse quality. It’s their main duty but do you think this process is enough to get better stitching quality garments? No, it’s not enough to improve total quality system. Garment quality mostly depends on sewing operator’s efficiency. If sewing operator’s got expertise by proper training and able to justify their task independently then you can desire best quality garment from sewing line. So, the quality manager should brief his strategy to sewing operators as well as quality inspector frequently and guide them to improve their skill according to buyer standard. Then they could measure their faults at the initial stage and seek help from quality team to solve those problems. Thus, you can reduce extra manpower from quality team.
9. Reduce extra helpers from finishing:
You can reduce extra helpers from finishing section. You can appoint one finishing girl for each line who will attach sticker, hang tag and insert the garment into poly bag and appoint one finishing boy for every two line who will insert garment into the box, attach tape, and pull the carton box to warehouse. Don’t use several helpers for loading and unloading. Just use trolley, conveyor belt or lift for easier the task.
10. Improve working environment:
Improve working environment and encourage helpers, operators by training, motivation, promotion, recreation etc. to be more active. This process will increase workers faith, confidence, and loyalty to the company that will boost up production. Thus, you can reduce extra manpower from the production line and utilize them efficiently. Implement Lean sigma that may assist you to improve working environment.

I physically visited some garment industry to watch their working procedure. There I found so many extra workers and helpers who are appointed for data recording, trimming threads after stitching, arranging stitched parts, spreading fabric in the cutting room, making garment pattern manually, and cutting chain of parts at over-lock machines. You should study each section working procedure and find out those extra workers for cost reduction. I have shared some meaningful thoughts and strategic plan with you to reduce extra manpower from your factory. What do you think about these ideas? Perhaps, you may have better idea that can help others. Please share your thoughts and opinion by commenting below.

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