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List of Necessary Machines, Tools and Equipment of Sewing Section

Sewing section:

Sewing section should be well equipped to get an optimal result in bulk production. Sewing section is one of the biggest and important departments in the apparel industry. In the contest of garment sense, all other section will become in vain without it. Many of us treated it as the heart of garments manufacturing process. It is one of the most active parts in the garment industry. Thus, sewing function is considered an important operation in apparel manufacturing business. Those who have little bit idea regarding sewing section activities can easily realize their working process. It’s not quite an easy task. As we know all fabric cut panels become separated before making a perfect garment, later those cutting parts are joined together and make a quality garment for the customer or buyer with the help of various types of sewing machines, threads, needles, tools, and equipment. Sewing operators, technician, merchandiser and quality guys played an important role to make a complete garment. All of the concern people have to follow buyer’s specifications and requirements to make quality garments products.

Do you have any idea what kind of tools, equipment’s and machinery are required for sewing department in a garment industry? I think all sorts of people who have keen interest to know apparel business should know which necessary items require in the sewing section of the apparel industry to make remarkable changes in productions.

Let us know what types of machinery, tools, and equipment’s require in RMG industry for sewing department:
To get quality full products different sort of machine, tools and equipment’s required for sewing section. Production people seek these kinds of machine, tools and equipment’s for sewing section to increase bulk production in garments sector.

List of necessary machines, tools, and equipment’s for sewing sections are mentioned below-

  1. Different types of sewing machine
  2. Tailor’s chalk
  3. Chalk in pencil form
  4. Measuring tape
  5. Sewing threads
  6. Pencil
  7. Big Scissor
  8. Trimming scissors
  9. Extra needles to exchange broken needles
  10. Pressing machine with vacuum table
  11. Table for marking
  12. Locker to keep personal things of workers
  13. Table for Ironing
  14. Table for matching garments parts
  15. Table for quality inspection
  16. Temperature indicator Thermo meter
  17. Template / finished pattern
  18. Cooling Fan & Exhaust fan
  19. Sufficient Light to accomplish sewing task
  20. Tray
  21. Trimmer
  22. Awl
  23. Local iron
  24. Steam iron
  25. Stitch opener
  26. Pointer
  27. Rack to keep cut panels, accessories etc.
  28. Side box
  29. Sitting chair / stool for operator
  30. Various attachments like guide, gauge, jigs, and folder etc.
  31. Plastic Basket, bowl
  32. Waste Bin

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