News - 7:31 AM

Goods transportation through Container in the context of Bangladesh

Container units are the most integral part of the shipping, trade and transport sectors. These shi...

Campus News - 10:34 AM

Renowned schools for Fashion Designing, Textile Engineering and Apparel Merchandising

Nowadays students are interested in taking object oriented education. Present job market prefers th...

Merchandising - 7:56 AM

Factors should consider for reducing Production Cost in Apparel industry

Many of us have keen interest to start garment business. Garment production working procedure is al...

News - 8:21 AM

Reason to set a tiny pocket in front of Jeans pant

Jeans is one of the most fascinated wearers in the 21st century. Demand and popularity of denim w...

Techniques - 8:04 AM

How to minimize extra manpower in garment industry

Who doesn’t wish to do maximum profit from his running business? Whether it is trading or productiv...


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