Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bangladesh is a country of colorful festivals carried out with great passion and zeal throughout the year. Each season has its own way of representing a certain essence of nature. Though there have been various changes in our countries social and economic structures but the nature of festivals never changes. Generation after generation, some colorful festivals are deeply rooted in our society which is mainly based on ancient rituals. The people of Bangladesh rejoice during these festivals, they wear gala dress in these gala days.

Bangladesh is a fertile land where several religious people live from different communities. It has hundred years of glorious culture and heritage. People of our country are very industries and like to live with joyful environment. We have lots of social and religious festivals all the year round. Different people from different communities take part in these festivals and get enjoyment in simultaneously. Festivals mean fiesta, shopping and joy. The importance of economical state is inevitable for every festival. Fashion goods production, demand and sells increase during festival time. Shopping malls are enlightened with lights and enriched with lucrative goods. Each family of our country tries to procure new lucrative dresses for their family members to celebrate these festivals. It helps to grow numerous fashion houses in Bangladesh.

During festivals, fashion houses are crowded by cheerful consumers. Million dollar transition is done to celebrate these festivals. Thus, fashion industries are contributing in our national economy by producing fashion items. Here, we will focus some of them for your reference.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Social scientist, Philosophers, statesmen and social leaders have been looking for ideal workplace from the time immemorial. However, since the middle of the twentieth century such factories have emerged in Europe. Special role has been played by Japan in this case. Japanese workers are considered to be well cared by the organizations. They lend life- long service to the enterprises that hire them; the prosperity of the organizations has been seen to have trickled down to the life of the employees and society. They believe that as the corporate are part of society they must work for it. The Japanese people work hard and create better products because they think they have responsibility to society, company and for self fulfillment (self actualization due to job satisfaction).

Monday, May 4, 2015

Theoretically a merchandiser is a person who plans, develops and presents a product to a target group. In reality, he/she is a person designated to coordinate between the customer and manufacturer so as to ensure product quality and specified shipment time. Additionally we can say, a merchandiser is a person who sources customer, negotiates with them, secures an order, sources materials, and follow up production up to shipment. In addition they make regular contact with the buyer during the whole period from securing order up to delivery of the consignment. They should have sound mind and body to predict consumer’s motive and personality for product diversification.  

The work of merchandising may be the following:
1. Enrich knowledge on fashion, culture and fashion forecast to make relation with fashion with fashion designer.
Garment merchandising is a globally lucrative and fascinated profession to young generation. But we should remember that it is little bit complicated, challenging and point oriented job. If someone does the task perfectly it is well and good but if someone having short of practical knowledge, lack of skill and careless attitude, the result cannot be imaginable. Merchandiser’s has to pay much attention in their job tenure to enrich their knowledge and skills on the latest fashion and styles around the world and make sure their stores are the first to display lucrative trendy clothing and accessories items. 

Merchandiser's generally perform a very hard liability in a tight schedule if we observe their job routine closely. They have to coordinate with all the concerned departments of suppliers, manufacturing factory, logistics and the buyer in order to satisfy consumers by delivering specified goods of specified quality on designated date.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A merchandiser is known as a person who is commonly concerned in business promotion by buying and selling of goods.
The merchandiser usually works with all departments in a company--- management, design, procuring, and production, sales and promoting to confirm the finished product is executed correctly and on time. Merchandising is a process which helps to arbitrate production and marketing sections. It is a complicated procedure of practices and actions used to encourage and uphold certain types of commercial activity. The individuals who engaged in this sector are known as merchandiser. A merchandiser has to perform as a communicator between buyer and seller. He starts the conversation with the buyer or his agent and creates a friendly environment between both parties. Usually, merchandiser works with the design team to display the product or promote product line efficiently. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

SOP for Cutting Knit, Fleece & Stretch fabrics

Quality check Knit Fleece Stretch fabrics Before going to cut knit, fleece or any sort of stretch fabric garments industry have to follow some special techniques. There are some techniques which should be taken into consideration while doing cutting these stretch fabrics.

1) Fabric inspection done by 4 point systems & 10% from the total order quantity covering all colors

2) Receiving of order sheet with sample/fabric shrinkage data/shade details and Fabric inspection report

3) Receiving fabric shade wise

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Once wearer was only made at home or tailoring house for individuals. Mass people could not think about trendy dresses. They only wish to wear cheap outfits for regular usages. Only rich or aristocrat family desires to wear luxurious fashion items. But the day has changed. Now people of all ages desire to wear fashionable items because the price range of those items became affordable. Industrial revolution enhances the opportunities to grow many clothing industries and fashion houses. New inventions of industrial machinery like as sewing machine, weaving machine, power generator, improvement of production techniques, globalization and marketing policy generate a level playing ground among fashion industries for competition.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

There are five basic needs for a human being to make their lives happier. Garments are one of the most important elements among the five basic needs. It’s a natural truth that men or women always become pleased by wearing lucrative dresses. Thus, fashion industries are handling million dollar business every year. Fashion is a lucrative sector where someone can earn much than less investment. Latent talent and creativity are the vital weapons to lead in this arena.    

Liaison office: There is a close relation between liaison office and buying house. Liaison office is an individual agent who is supposed to work only under nominated buyer. It is representative of one buyer and has to overlook assign buyers interest. Usually, prominent buyer setup liaison office to follow up particular territories vendor’s function. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Garments production is a business where so many guys have to perform to achieve target. It is hard working track where every minute is counted. Costing of garments is mandatory task for a RMG merchandiser especially in soft-line. Overall chance of getting order and profit depends on it simultaneously. It’s a general trend for all to gain profit by selling product. Profit is the key target of all companies except charity, NGO and other special companies.
Garments Costing Parameters 
But now a day’s most of the companies emphasize on profit as well as doing some social responsibilities. They are working on the theme of “profit is the byproduct of your total performance”. They always prefer consumer’s satisfaction than profit margin. If consumers become pleased, it is easier to gain profit. Generally when income incur above breakeven point that time it is considered as profit. When two vendors ethical standard like sample, compliance, working environment, logistic service equal to each other that time costing plays a vital role to convince buyer. There are some parameters which should be taken into consideration while doing costing.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

longarm quilting machineIntroduction: The word quilt is supposed to derives from Latin culcita, meaning a padded and fixed mattress but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte. Quilting is a common sewing technique for clothing and furnishings which is used in many places of the world for several millenniums. Quilting is a classy needlework process where two or more layers of fabric affixed together in a decorative pattern to make a thicker useful padded substance. 

A fabric structure consisting of a layer of cotton, goose down, fiberfill, feather, padding or any cheap item undercover between two layers of material and held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular pattern across the body of the composite. It is a process of stitch bonding a batting or composite. Quilting is often merged with patchwork, embroidery, applique and other forms of needlework. Classic quilting can be done by 3 layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material.