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8 common mistakes occurred by the apparel merchandiser

Some unexpected errors may arise during work order in merchandising career. Sometimes the cost of mistakes is valued at thousands of dollars and an apparel merchandiser never can recover by paying them from his pocket. It will also cause anxiety and affect productivity. Today we would like to discuss this topic. If we are careful of following errors then we may avoid these.

1) Error in sum-up value

After making the worksheet if the sum-up value is not checked attentively and prepare roughly then there might have some error. Sometimes it has been observed that apparel merchandisers kept errors on worksheets in sum-up value. So if the total value is not done correctly then it will be tough to get real status. The factory owner might be thinking that the merchandiser is not well organizer and much not very careful at work. Thus, merchandisers should very careful during sum-up calculation. 

2) Copy-Past work on an Excel sheet

Copy-Past task is very easy but it’s a common mistake that an apparel merchandiser makes while working on an Excel sheet. Merchandiser frequently uses old order format for coming orders. If some information has been changed by buyer request then new work orders should be prepared accordingly. But unfortunately, the worse things happen when merchandisers forget to change old information and kept unchanged data. So try to keep away from such mistakes to erase hassle.

3) Missing information or putting the wrong data

Putting wrong data or missing information is a big mistake that occurred by the apparel merchandiser. So merchandisers have to be very careful when inputting analytical references like the order number, color reference, EN code etc. Besides this if possible mathematical references always have to copy from the original order sheet and past the same on the worksheet and never put the number by typing. So try to keep away from such mistakes to erase hassle. 

4) Working hurry and not being much attentive

Apparel merchandiser has to pass a very busy schedule at their desk. So they should be smart to handle noisy situations or at the busy table when the merchandiser is working on multiple tasks. To avoid the situation merchandisers can follow the following tips –

  1. It could be done in a noise free environment where public engagement will be less.
  2. If possible it should be done very slowly to finish the task. It would be better if keep at least two days to complete booking task to erase the unwanted mistakes.
  3. Try to pay full attention with a cool mind to prepare work order.

5) Working without real product keeping in hand

Merchandisers should check every component of it by careful observation and keep the real product in hand while booking fabric, accessories trims, or other materials. Because if the approved sample is not analyzed properly before making the consumption sheet then there might be enough chance to miss some of the important elements that may create a big hassle during the production period. 


6) Multiple times / Less than a requirement

Merchandisers should check the worksheet twice once after finishing it. Because there has enough chance to input multiple times or fewer data than required items. Input multiple times or less than required can happen for the pairs or set program. It would be better if merchandiser picks the original sample to make consumption sheet as well as work orders whether the product is for a set or a single piece. Even pairs have to be calculated preciously so that chances of error might not be there.

7) Working on a sheet where some old pages are not deleted

But sometimes merchandisers forget to delete some old data from the cost sheet that has been submitted to the buyer that contains some secret information or price. Such type of mistake can bring a big disaster for a merchandiser’s career. Because garment costing is very sensitive and we should be very while inputting data and every component needs to check again and again properly. Merchandisers should review and check all the components properly and need to erase all the irrelevant data from the costing sheet.

8) Mistake in currency

It’s not wondering, sometime it may happen. When a merchandiser is preparing garment costing and mistakenly put the wrong currency and submitted the price to the customer or sometimes forgot to convert the currency that leads big trouble. If the buyer confirmed the price then there will be little chance to change them because it will bother the buyer.


In short, mistakes happen in the workplace are a common thing. But someone should be careful to erase frequent mistakes to become safe. Otherwise, it might be putting oneself in trouble can make someone both mentally and physically ill. And it is also true and bothering when something goes wrong at the workplace. So try to keep away from such mistakes that we mentioned above to erase hassle.


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